Coyote Removal

Coyote Removal Genesee County

coyote removal genesee county michiganCoyote can be quite a nuisance in Genesee County, Michigan. They live in dens and are scavengers if the need arises for it. They will prey upon any animal that is smaller and slower then they are. This can include all sorts of farm animals that may be being raised on your property. This at times can also mean they will attack dogs or cats that are outside on your property. Coyotes usually prefer the country where they can hunt small game and avoid people as much as possible. We have been called to well populated areas on numerous occasions to remove coyote as well. If they are in hunting pack they can even try to take down animals larger then themselves which can be very troubling to farmers and homeowners.

Coyote can be trapped a variety of ways and we deploy whatever is necessary given the situation. Coyote are very cautious around people so it is really important that care is taken to leave a trap that has no human scent on it. It is also important to keep the coyote from becoming comfortable around humans. It is important to keep them fearful of us so they stay away from where we are living, our livestock, and our pets. Never feed a coyote under any circumstances as that could tame them to a level where they lost their natural fear of us. They also carry disease so it is important to keep them away from your other animals.

Coyote Removal  is offered to commercial and residential properties in Genesee County in the following cities: BurtonClioDavisonFentonFlintFlushingGoodrichGrand BlancLindenMontroseMount MorrisOtisvilleSwartz Creek, and all surrounding areas.